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Yes, im new here and I thought that I would share my story im working on. I have it on FF.N, this will be the second day, and so far I havnt got any reveiws. ;_;

Summary: Heimdall is a vampyre, having just been called back from the slumber that he had intended to be eternal, he keeps experiencing one big drama after another. From Loki taking control of him once more, finding out that elvs went extinct over five hundred years ago, being paired up with Loki to find said elvs, and the repearance of the vampyre siblings who had sexualy abused him. Though, possibly the most dramatic of all, is the human boy Narugami who seems to be gaining feelings for him, and he is starting to feel the same way as well! No one ever thought that being a vampyre could be so complicated.

Pairings: (main) Heimdall X Narugami, (forced) Loki X Heimdall, (forced) Freyr X Heimdall, (so far implied) Loki X Freya, (so far implied) Freya X Heimdall, (later) Loki X Reiya.

Rating: (obviously) Mature, NC-17.

Warnings: Rape, drugs, alchohol, scuicide, shonen ai, murder, dark thoughts, etc.

I had crawled out of death, out of the masoleum i'd been in for five hundred years for this? To see my own kind betraying everything we had ever considered sacred? To witness our once feared name being ridiculed by both media and common folk alike?


Reading the bold print on the poster, I felt my stomach drop. This couldnt be right, could it? Surely I had woken up in the wrong place, in a diffrent world, a seperate dimension. Something. Anything! This was not the world I had left in terror. The lands have changed while I was asleep, I hadnt expected anything else, but this was unfathomable. Humans no longer feared us. They wanted to be us. It would seem that human kind as a whole had lost there minds.


I paused in mid panic, and turned to face the scoure that had called me. I already knew who it was from the feeling I got when he aproached, but I was far too shocked to be my normal, stoic self. The copper haired vampyer regarded me with a nice enough of a smile and, if I didnt know any better i'd think he was any other human wandering around out here. But no, he was just like me and a hundred times more deadly and rutheless. "Loki . . . "

Emerald eyes danced with mischeif in the lights that raged every where. They were half blinding me and caused me to see spots,(the lighting fixtures, not his eyes) but I saw his smug look well enough. It had been so long since i'd seen him, since i'd heard his sultry voice that when he spoke I shivered slightly. "It's been over five hundred years so i'll let you by on that one, but remember that from now on it's 'Master Loki'." His lips spread into a smirk, a smrik that had haunted me even while i'd slept but not dreamt. "Just like old times, right Heimdall?"

"Yah," I muttered, knowing he heard me, even over the growling machines that sped by on the raod outside the confines of the alley we stood in. ",just like old times."

Loki had been the one who had made me into a night walker. He was my father, my mother and my brother. He should have been everything to me, but my feelings towards him were the exact oposite. I despised him and if I were just a little bit older i'd be able to break all ties with him. It had been a miracle that he had given me permission to go to sleep for as long I wanted to, but now that I was awake once more, he had control over me again. I couldnt do anything to defy him because, if I did, he would kill me. Simple as that.

That was why when he aproached me, I did not back away. When he placed his hand on my visible cheeck I did not flinch. Not even when he caressed my face in a mockery of sympathy and care did I move to deny him myself. He knew I was smarter then to outwardly rebel against him, he had known before he'd started this game, but he insisted on playing it anyway.

"Your so cold, my child." Loki purred, curving his hand under my jaw. "You have not fed yet, I see." Using his hand under my chin, he pulled me towards him. "Perhaps you would like to drink from mou?" He brought our lips together in a rough kiss void of passion or love. It was instead soley lust, hunger and a need for dominance.

I had no choice but to let him take me in the warm summer night air, right there in that alley way. Although him roughly slamming into me from behind while my front was tightly pressed against the cold brick wall awoke a part of me that had been dormant while i'd been asleep, I still wondered why I had risen. I'd vowed never to return to this world, in order to escape both my own demons and the one bringing me closer to orgasm with each thrust at this very moment.

Somone had called me. But who?

And why?

I hope I did the lj-cut right. O_o
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