Cherry~ (zaftgirl) wrote in loki_ragnarok,

A Lokidoki Tribute ^O^ !!!!

[mood| Scared ]
[music| Omna Magni - Makino Yui ]

Worked on this tiny tribute video to our favourite trickster God quite a while ago but I didn't have the chance to post it up since I was busy in Boston then.

o_o I just HAD to pick a Linkin Park song but NONE of them worked well for the vids except for THIS one and it ended up making Loki look so.....emo? XD!

There's hints of Mayura x Loki and if you squint rather hard, a hint of Heimdall x Loki in there and some Freya x Loki and some Loki x Spica XD and more.

I was aiming to make the song sung from Loki's point of view mostly >_>' Enjoy moi crappiness.

Crossposted in hemuloki !!!</lj>
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